Saturday, December 17, 2011


Python is an Open Source high level programming language and was one of the first language supported in google app engine platform for developing web application's.It's the language in which google has written its GoogleCL Command line interface for google service's.The popular Civilization IV game by Firaxix for example,makes extensive use of python for the game mechanic's,even yahoo use's python.Firefox's build system make's extensive use of python.Blender,possibly the most popular free and open source software
 for creating and editing 3D content makes significant use of python.YouTube is almost entirely python.Most of the modules that come with python are actually written in c/c++ so they run at native speeds and your programs generally run faster than those of other interpreted programming language.
In one sentence,Python is a fast interpreted,Object-oriented,Dynamic,Free,OpenSource,Powerful,Extensible,Modular,High-Level,Portable Programming Language that is easy to learn.

Python came to existance in 1991.It was created by Guido Van Rossum.