Sunday, December 25, 2011

Free Domain Name Providers Reviewed

 Here are the two best domain name providers in the world.I have used them personally and
i will suggest people who expect high in web not to use them.
It is the well known provider of free domain minimum hits is required to use this domain.
It was mostly used by spammers because its high level identity and it is free.A number of free hosting providers are having inbuilt
registration.Since the
wrong usage of this domain by spammers and hackers google has stopped displaying domain names
in search result.So this domain is not recommended for developers and bloggers who expect high and auto traffic.
It is the provider of free domain .tk.It require a minimum 25 hits per 3 months or the page will be replaced with's private ads but we can register it again if one one has already taken the domain.Google displays  .tk domain names in search results but it is not accepted by the free version of google apps.
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