Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Facebook Timeline

Facebook has globally released it's new feature "Timeline".The company said Timeline had so far been available only to a few people, but now it had made it available to everybody.Timeline was announced by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the f8 conference in September.

Timeline allows users to show there info and Facebook activity history as a story.Stories can be highlighted and life events can be added.Now latest posts of users are visible but enabling Timeline will allow users to
see posts datewise.To activate timeline click here and click on get it now on that page.
After activating Timeline you will get seven days to review everything that appears on his Timeline before anyone else can see it.You can also choose to publish your Timeline at any time during the review period.Publish now option will be available above your Timeline profile.If you decide to wait, your timeline will automatically go live after seven days and your profile will be replaced by Timeline.Timeline is a fresh and cool change from Facebook.Only people who like super simple profile will hate Timeline.

Android's and i phone's Facebook apps has also launched Timeline feature.